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My Occupation

Branch manager for an international security firm. Been with the company since 1994.

My Hobbies

Too many, apparently. I'm an avid mountain biker, amateur paleontologist and I coach 3 different youth sports: baseball, football and basketball. I also play for two different softball leagues from March through November. So, yeah....I stay pretty busy. Oh, and in between, I build up my Redline collection. Got a decent one going! Honestly, I'm not much into the newer Mainline stuff. I pretty much quit collecting that realm of the hobby back in 2002 or so. Just Redlines, VW Drag Buses and the higher-end new collectible series, like Classics, Delivery and the Garage Series. I'm not a Hot Wheels "completist" anymore. Got too many of 'em hanging around from 1995 to 2002!